New Junior Groups

As part of our commitment to provide opportunities for early career researchers, NeuroCure will establish several new junior research groups in cooperation with our partner institutions during the current funding period. 

New groups established so far include:

Rachel Lippert


Dr. Rachel Lippert


German Institute of Human Nutrition Postdam-Rehbruecke (DIfE)

Research Focus

Rachel Lippert's junior research group Neurocircuit Development and Function (NDF) is engaged in understanding how neural circuits involved in the control of energy homeostasis develop and function within complex networks in the brain. Specifically, her group wants to understand how maternal nutrition and altered maternal metabolism can negatively impact the proper formation and function of these brain circuits, resulting in the potential for an earlier onset of brain-related diseases. This work is performed using rodent model systems to target the function of specific neuronal systems to better understand their role in metabolism and behavior.

Coming soon:

Together with our partner institutions, the Cluster has also recruited the following researchers, who will establish their junior research groups in Berlin in the near future:
Dr. Silvia da Silva, University of California, San Diego, USA
Expected starting date: summer 2020
HU Berlin
Dr. Marina Mikhaylova, Center for Molecular Neurobiology Hamburg (ZNMH), Germany
Expected starting date: summer 2020
Dr. Hanna Hörnberg, University of Basel, Switzerland
Expected starting date: fall 2020
Dr. Noa Lipstein
Max-Planck-Institut für Experimentelle Medizin, Germany 
Expected starting date: early 2021