Selected Publications

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Kunde, SA, Rademacher, N, Tzschach, A, Wiedersberg, E, Ullmann, R, Kalscheuer, VM, and Shoichet, SA. Characterisation of de novo MAPK10/JNK3 truncation mutations associated with cognitive disorders in two unrelated patients. Hum Genet. 2013; 132(4), 461-471.

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Lesch, K.P., Selch, S., Renner, T.J., Jacob, C., Nguyen, T.T.,  Romanos, M., Walitza, S., Shoichet, S., Dempfle, A.,  Heine, M., Boreatti-Hümmer, A., Romanos, J., Gross-Lesch, S., Zerlaut, H. Allolio, B. Fassnacht, M., Wultsch, Schäfer, T.H., Warnke, A. Reif, A. Ropers, H.H., Ullmann, R. (2011) Genome-wide copy number variation analysis in attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder: association with neuropeptide Y gene dosage in an extended pedigree. Mol Psychiatry 16(5) 491-503.

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*Equal contributors

Kalscheuer, V.M., FitzPatrick, D., Tommerup, N., Bugge, M., Niebuhr, E., Neumann, L.M., Tzschach, A., Shoichet, S.A., Menzel, C., Erdogan, F., Arkesteijn, G., Ropers, H.H., Ullmann, R. (2007)
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